Dragon Tidal a.k.a. D.T. is an anime series created by Niko Vanible. The story centers around young twelve year-old protagonist, Nagatsu Ikune as he struggles with acceptance with not only his academy, but with his village. In addition, it follows his adventures as he goals to achieving the Grand Master title known as Dragon Tidal!

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Nagatsu IkuneEdit

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Episode ListEdit

Season 1 (2013)Edit

No. Title Original Air Date American Air Date
01 "The Journey of a Thousand Miles" October 12, 2009 November 22, 2011
Nagatsu Ikune is from an extremely poor family. There, he out of over seven hundred kids win a raffle of a chance to get into Azura Academy. His family tries to support him as best as he can but when the proctor doesn't allow Nagatsu to enter the school, the chancelor and Lord Kimunage of the village, Sarutoi, allows Nagatsu to take an entrance exam, giving him a fair chance to enter the academy. Not wanting him to enter the academy, Sgt. Yoto pits Nagatsu up against second year student, Ozuku Kimano. As Nagatsu gets overwhelmed, he'll have to outstrategize and outmaneuver Ozuku if he hopes to make his family proud and make a name of the Ikune tribe.
02 "Welcome to Azura Academy!!" October 19, 2009 November 22, 2011
After completing his entrance exam, Nagatsu has his family's support as he starts his first day at Azura Academy. Once there, he is quickly outcasted by all the students, as well as many of the senseis. Saddened deep down, Nagatsu perseveres for his family's sake. Eventually, Sarutoi instructs White Fang to talk to Nagatsu. After school in the main arena, White Fang explains to Ikune about the three different categories of a fighter's Resonance, and how their Resonance is essential to a martial artists fighting career. Afterwards, Nagatsu heads home, with Ozuku plotting his revenge scheme with a few other second year students...
03 "Tsugomikachi's Plan: Raid on Kosaki Village" October 26, 2009 November 22, 2011
Late at night, with Nagatsu wondering about what White Fang had explained to him, deep in the bowels of Orinkage, is Tsugomikachi, a missing fighter who fled from Kosaki Village after causing several international crimes there. She then plans an attack on Kosaki Village with her right hand man, Katrina Katani. At the academy, Nagatsu finally comes into contact with Zandso Zinsio, where the two easily share some hostility towards one another. Viivuna however defends Zandso, however Madora stops anything from going on and Sgt. Yoto tells them to decide this in an exhibition match. As the two steps inside, of the Arena Chamber, the entire first year class is there. Nagatsu and Zandso begin their fight with both White Fang and Sarutoi watching from afar. Meanwhile, Sgt. Yoto steps outside, ordering Ozuku & his guys to start his plan.
04 "The Exhibition Match" November 2, 2009 November 22, 2011
With Zandso dominating for the most part, Sgt. Yoto signals the fire alarm and everyone goes clearing out. Sgt. Yoto tells Sarutoi that he will clear everyone out of the Arena Chamber as all of the senseis file out. When all the kids except for the two fighting, Viivuna & Madora are out, Sgt. Yoto locks the doors & leaves. Nagatsu & Zandso stops their fight as Ozuku appears, shocking Nagatsu. Ozuku explains how bitter he was from losing to Nagatsu. He then calls in his other teammates from the second years. With the two surrounded, Zandso tells him that they have no choice but to fight, telling Ozuku that he simply can't cope with losing to a weakling who is less of a loser than him. Angered, Ozuku sends Izuma on Zandso. Zandso gets into a stance and prepares for battle.
05 "Battle Testimony" November 9, 2009
Izuma attacks Zandso and they have a brief fight as Zandso kicks him into the air, defeating him with Warrior's Barrage. Surprised & angered, Ozuku sends out both Hanafuda and Dojima to fight both Nagatsu and Zandso alone. With Zandso ready, Viivuna cheers him on. Madora asks her if they should help them. Viivuna says that they should wait first. After observing their fight closely, Nagatsu steps up, challenging Dojima directly. Dojima accepts and the attack one another, with Dojima gaining the obviously advantage over Nagatsu's rather average jubitzu. Ozuku mocks Nagatsu, getting Madora annoyed who replies that that same jubitzu is what defeated him, frustrating Ozuku greatly.
06 "Save the Village: Nagatsu's New Move!" November 16, 2009
Dojima slams Nagatsu to the wall with Crushing Blow. As Nagatsu lies on the ground in pain, Ozuku & his crew sneers and laughs at Nagatsu's pain. Zandso looks at him in pity and Viivuna also insults him. Madora however, protects Nagatsu, telling them that they shouldn't mess with a guy who has limited knowledge in martial arts. Nagatsu thanks her, shocking her. He then gets up & taunts Dojima. Dojima rushes at him, slamming Nagatsu in the wall again. Nagatsu however gets back up once more, taunting him again. This time, as Dojima charges with Crushing Blow, Nagatsu imitates Zandso's Warrior's Barrage with his own variation, Dragon's Barrage. This manages to subdue Dojima, shocking Ozuku & his crew. Ozuku is then shocked & Zandso, Viivuna & Madora are amazed that Nagatsu could observe in a short amount of time & replicate his own version of a technique like that. Ozuku then takes his crew and they leave, telling them to meet them on the top of the academy to finish this.
07 "Academy Peril" November 23, 2009
With Ozuku and his posse heading up to the rooftop of the academy, Nagatsu thanks the other three. Zandso ignores him while Viivuna mocks him until Madora glares at her, forcing her to compliment him. Madora then brings up that despite his novice status in martial arts, he was able to make up an incomplete version of a highly advanced jubitzu technique that he only saw once. Zandso says that they should get to the rooftop. Viivuna asks why they have to bring Nagatsu with them, and Madora tells her that they want his company. Meanwhile outside, many of the senseis are in an uproar except Sarutoi and White Fang, who are suspicious of Sgt. Yoto's intentions. Sarutoi tells White Fang to go and check it out and as he does so, he stumbles into the Main Arena, where Sgt. Yoto is, laughing.
08 "White Fang's Suspicion..." November 30, 2009
White Fang asks Sgt. Yoto why he is laughing, but then takes it back, asking why he went through all the trouble to ridding one student. Sgt. Yoto applauds White Fang for his intelligence and explains that no poor, unwealthy and low-class bottomfeeder deserves to enroll in Azura Academy. Meanwhile, the foursome decides to take the long path up to the rooftop, the stairwell. However, they come into contact with both Kunefuma and Hanafuda, who request to fight. Viivuna instructs the two boys to get to the top as she and Madora will take them on. Sarutoi thinks in his head, realizing that the battles are starting. White Fang attacks Sgt. Yoto and they begin trading punches back and forth. However, Sgt. Yoto sweeps White Fang but he disappears. Madora & Viivuna jumps into the air & dropkicks Hanafuda into another room...
09 "His Name is Zandso!" December 7, 2009
With the two battles going underway, Nagatsu asks Zandso why does he seem so distant. Zandso ignores him but Nagatsu persists, annoying Zandso. Zandso grabs Nagatsu by the collar, giving him a summary of his background & tragic past, telling him to stay out of his business. Eventually, they find the path to the roof. Meanwhile, Kunefuma's 16 Slice Blade is about to cut Viivuna's arm off but that is revealed to be a vine. Shocked, Viivuna reveals that she has the ability to morph her body into vines at will. She then uses Rose Whip, slashing Kunefuma into the air. Hanafuda struggles to hit Madora & Madora puts her down with Divine Paralysis. Sgt. Yoto is mocking White Fang, saying that he will succeed in his goals. Doubting him, White Fang reappears behind him & kicks him to the ground. Sgt. Yoto then reveals that was a clone & he attacks White Fang with Firestream. Eventually, both Nagatsu & Zandso reach the rooftop where they see Ozuku in the center of it, smiling.
10 "Nagatsu's Pursurer..." December 14, 2009 March 4, 2012
Ozuku compliments the two, but he says that he had been up here waiting, & using the time to gather some resonance. Nagatsu tells him that he must stop this but Ozuku tells him to attack, or else. Threatened, Nagatsu runs out at him. Ozuku however grabs his neck & begins choking him. Madora & Viivuna defeats their opponents with two swift attacks. Afterwards, they hear a noise and goes to check up on it. White Fang is struck by Sgt. Yoto's attack & drops to a knee. He asks how was he capable of that & Sgt. Yoto tells him to never underestimate him. He then explains to White Fang his entire layout of the plan he created with a few second year students. With Nagatsu being choked, Zandso just watches, as Ozuku laughs.
11 "Ozuku Strikes: The End of Azura" December 21, 2009 March 10, 2012
Ozuku throws Nagatsu to the ground, revealing to him that he had held back during their initial fight in the entrance exams, as he didn't take Nagatsu seriously. Nagatsu points out that that was his fault but Ozuku kicks him in the ribs, causing him to cough up blood. Ozuku then asks Zandso if he's just going to stand there. Zandso tells Ozuku that a scrub like him isn't worth his time, insulting Ozuku. Meanwhile, White Fang finally asks what Sgt. Yoto was planning to do once he got rid of all of the "flunk" students. Sgt. Yoto says that he would create a new academy of perfection. White Fang then laughs, shocking him. He tells Sgt. Yoto that his ridiculous dream won't come true. Sgt. Yoto get angered and attacks White Fang but drops. White Fang appears behind Sgt. Yoto with his Body Takedown. White Fang then contacts Lord Kimunage and moments later, the two girls comes in, astonished at what they saw.
12 "Last Hope" January 4, 2010 March 13,2012
As all the school comes piling back in, Lord Kimunage talks to Sgt. Yoto, stripping him of his title. He then fires him from Azura Academy. With everything back to normal, Viivuna remembers about Nagatsu & Zandso & she and Madora rushes up to the rooftop. Ozuku questions why Zandso is defending Nagatsu and Zandso states that even if he held back during their fight, the fact he underestimated him so severely was a "low-class" mistake. Ozuku freezes up, reminding him of his past. He then runs out at Zandso but Nagatsu jumps in & kicks Ozuku in the face, sending him back to the ground. Surprised, he asks how can he move. Nagatsu states that he won't let a friend get hurt, shocking Zandso, who subconsciously wonders why he would help him. Nagatsu then attacks Ozuku, getting him in his Dragon's Barrage, apparently finishing him.
13 "In The End" January 11, 2010
With Ozuku thought defeated, Zandso reluctantly tells Nagatsu he did decent. Nagatsu thanks him but moments later, Ozuku jumps up & fires his Pyrro Blast, striking Nagatsu, sending him to the ground. This freezes Zandso as this reminds him of his father taking the hit for him that the assassin used, killing his father. Zandso then screams out to Ozuku. Ozuku turns around, afraid. Zandso punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Zandso then kicks him into the air and finishes him off with Fire Tycoon. Before Zandso can do anything else, Nagatsu grabs his fist, telling him that killing him isn't right. Zandso regains control over himself and Madora & Viivuna shows up. Viivuna hugs Zandso, happy that he won. She then compliments Nagatsu, saying he surprised her with the strength he's shown. Madora compliments him as well and both White Fang & Lord Kimunage are there too, telling Nagatsu that he has nothing to worry about, as he now has some friends that will accept him for who he is. Nagatsu then looks forward, looking out at White Fang, Viivuna, Madora and Zandso, smiling.
14 "Terror of Dodolu!!" January 18, 2010
With the academy back to normal, Ozuku and his gang under strict detention, and Nagatsu beginning to make friends, Lord Kimunage is speaking with both Genma and Chojuro about the upcoming Academy Finals Exams. Meanwhile, it is break time and Nagatsu is outside in the schoolyard, hanging out with Madora. He asks her more about Rinkado as she specializes in that. Before she can explain more, they spy a shady character running off. Nagatsu goes after him but she says that classes begin again in 10 minutes. When Nagatsu goes off, he runs into a strange person, with a scroll. He asks who is he, & he says that his name is Dodolu!
15 "Hidden in the Clouds...The White Lotus" January 25, 2010
Dodolu tells Nagatsu to buzz off but Nagatsu recognizes the scroll, asking him what is he doing with an Azura Academy scroll. Realizing he knows too much, Dodolu uses Sonic Breath, knocking Nagatsu off his feet. He then prepares to kill him, telling him he shouldn't have let his guard down. Moments later, Madora shows up with White Fang & White Fang attacks Dodolu, forcing him to drop the scroll and it unravels itself. As the two are fighting, Nagatsu and Madora take a look at the scroll with it showing an S-Class move known as Clown Ability. Nagatsu studies the hand signs, as well as the soul resonance requirements. White Fang then asks about Dodolu, and he explains that he is not alone. He says that he is a member of the Dragon Clan, co-existing with the White Lotus Clan. Curious about it,White Fang asks why he needs the scrolls. Dodolu says that it is for secet business. Before White Fang can attack again, Dodolu uses Dragon Flash, blinding them all, and stealing the scrolls. When they can see again, he is gone.
16 "Enter the Dragon" February 1, 2010
When the trio gets back to the academy, White Fang is called into a meeting with Lord Kimunage, Chojuro, Genma, Runai, & Antasi. Lord Kimunage explains that a secret collaborative clan has taken root, and has fled the village with their ancient scrolls. He explains that if they find out the secrets to those scrolls, then Kosaki Village will be right at their finger tips. They all discuss and Antasi suggests a rescue group to go retrieve the scrolls. Runai agrees but Chojuro asks if that is necessary and why not send in elite senseis. Genma replies that they won't have enough senseis guarding the academy if they decide to make a frontal assault. Hearing all of this, Lord Kimunage suggests White Fang to go out, and select any academy students he might think is suited for this mission. When he is dismissed, he instantly collects Madora and Nagatsu. Nagatsu asks what is going on and when they set foot outside of the academy, they find Viivuna & Zandso waiting. Many of the students are jealous and angry that the "low-class" is going to have fun. As the five head out, Lord Kimnage wishes them luck.
17 "Error Analysis: Find the Secret Scrolls!" February 8, 2010
With the five heading out, many of the other first year students, notably Gatsa, Agino, and Asuka commented on how the poor kid got to go on the mission. Meanwhile, Nagatsu questions why White Fang chose first year students to accompany him. White Fang replies that he believes it is a good chance for them to get stronger. Chojuro questions Lord Kimunage of why he would let the Demonchild go along on this mission. Lord Kimunage simply smiles, with Genma understanding. As the five are out of the village, White Fang pulls out a map, saying that the Dragon Clan's old village is to the east. As they head out, White Fang, along with Zandso feels like they are being watched.
18 "Nagatsu Lucks Out: Perils of the Ikune Tribe" February 15, 2010 
As the five are going along, White Fang stops them. Nagatsu wonders why but White Fang tells him to concentrate his resonance as to not see the person but feel them. Once doing so, he too can sense somebody's presence. White Fang tells the person to come out & the ones who appear are two Dragon Clan members. He asks them what are they doing about, wondering if they are here to make sure that they don't reach the Land of Waves. They say that he is correct and places a barrier on everybody except Nagatsu. White Fang says that they are making a mistake. Nagatsu turns around & both of the Dragon Clan members tackle him, beating down on him. As they thrash him, White Fang gathers his resonance and releases the Soul Barrier. He then does so on the others. But when he finishes, the two had left, with Nagatsu being healed by Madora. White Fang then tells them to stay close as they didn't go far. Zandso then insults Nagatsu for being weak.
19 "Hide & Seek" February 22, 2010
As the five continues, they are carefully watching their step, as White Fang has activated his Duesai, carefully examining the forest for traps. Eventually, they reach the Land of Waves and Viivuna comments that it is deserted. Madora explains that it was broken down after the war that took place there several years ago. Zandso asks where could they be, & White Fang tells them that they are probably in hiding. As they go looking around, a deep foggy mist picks up. They are all wondering what is going on & using his Duesai, White Fang asks what the likes of Kinzaki Shinobu is doing here. He explains that as an old Dragon Clan member, he plans to use those scrolls as the basis to revive the Dragon Clan. Shocked, White Fang says that he won't let that happen.
20 "The Unlikely Alliance" March 1, 2010
White Fang attacks Kinzaki & they begin trading blows. However, Kinzaki tricks him & traps him in his Mystic Bubble. As the others struggles to save him, Kinzaki mocks White Fang, saying that they are defenseless. As they are all shocked, they get surrounded when the White Lotus shows up. In addition to that, the two that beat on Nagatsu are here as well as they informed both Shigami and Kinzaki of their arrival. White Fang then says that it was a set up. Kinzaki says he is right & Madora says that she & Viivuna will help Kinzaki as the other two handle them. Nagatsu asks which one does he want & Zandso examines Shigami, calling him. Nagatsu then says that he was hoping he'd say that. Shigami and Zandso wonder why and he says that he wants a rematch with the two dragon duo. Nagatsu and the duo heads up to a rooftop & as the duo mocks him, everyone prepares to fight!
21 "The White Lotus: Shigami Strikes!" March 8, 2010
Kinzaki taunts the two girls, telling them that they cannot defeat him. White Fang tells them that they have to help the other two, but Viivuna says that nobody can help him if they don't do something right now. Madora fires a Water Pump technique, which Kinzaki blocks. Nagatsu tells the two this time it will be different but they mock him. They run out at him & use Double-Kick, sending Nagatsu back down on the roof. When he looks up, they aree coming down on him & he narrowly dodges. Zandso insults Shigami, saying that he doesn't know what he's getting in to. Shigami smirks, angering Zandso. Zandso attacks but Shigami is already behind him, shocking Zandso. Zandso then punches Shigami but Shigami rebounds, & sweeps Zandso, and then kicks him to the ground.
22 "Battle Strategy: Dangers of the White Lotus!!" March 15, 2010
With the girls out of options, Kinzaki prepares to kill White Fang. Viivuna however uses the branches from the trees around to restrict Kinzaki. He however, breaks them but Madora attacks him but jumps away as Viivuna uses Constrict to bind Kinzaki. Meanwhile, Nagatsu is being overwhelmed by the duo, leaving him no room to counter. Meanwhile, Dodolu checks up on Zanku, asking if he is finished. He says that he'll need more time. Dodolu takes the other two with him and they head out. Zandso struggles to even damage Shigami and he uses Fire Tycoon but Shigami's sword tanks the hit. Zandso wonders how is that possible and Shigami tells him the White Lotus is more advanced in jubitzu than that. He then spin kicks Zandso in the air uses Lotus Control, stopping Zandso' movement completely.
23 "Dodolu's Revenge" March 22, 2010
With Dodolu remembering of White Fang nearly killing him, he wants revenge, telling the other two to split up, saying that one of them should remain here in case Zanku needs help. Meanwhile, Zandso cannot move and asks what's going on. Shigami explains it is the Kekkei Renkei of the White Lotus. He then lowers Zandso and defeats him with Lotus Dance. Shigami then looks up to find the duo beating on Nagatsu again. As they beat on him, they mock him. They then charge Nagatsu again, with Nagatsu thinking he will lose again. However, Nagatsu remembers the scroll he looked at & focuses his resonance and faith into this. Smoke dispells and the duo are surprised when there are two Nagatsu's. Kinzaki states it is the Clone Ability, wondering how he could know a S-Class technique. Using this to his advantage, White Fang breaks out of the prison. Nagatu & his clone then says that he had memorized what the scroll said when Dodolu dropped in the forest. He and his clone then fights evenly with the duo until they defeat them with Dragon's Barrage.
24 "The Plan Set in Motion" March 29, 2010
With the duo unconscious, Nagatsu jumps down to see about Zandso. However, Dodolu & the other two arrives. They explain that Zanku had finished learning the secrets of the scrolls and now he is processing them through the ritual. Kinzaki is happy about this and he and the others retreat as they must finish the ritual. However, Dodolu and his cousin, Shinuba decided to stay behind to finish them off. White Fang says that that prison he was in took a lot of resonance from him. Nagatsu says that Zandso is injured too. Viivuna goes to protect the two of them as Madora says that they must fight these two. Shinuba asks how could he have trouble with them. Meanwhile, Kinzaki helps stabilize the ritual, allowing Zanku to absorb the Kekkei Renkei of each of these secrets. He then says that they will be able to revive the Dragon Clan just as it was.
25 "Zanku: The Ultimate Weapon" April 12, 2010
With the ritual going underway, Zanku recalls how he met Kinzaki, and how Kinzaki is the one that he truly cares about in this world, as he has taken care of him for all of his life. As the ritual is continuing, Zanku thanks Kinzaki, surprising him. Meanwhile, Shinuba and Dodolu prepares to attack them but White Fang gets up, saying that Dodolu is too dangerous for them to fight head on. He tells Viivuna to watch over Zandso, saying he will take on these two. He tells both Nagatsu and Madora to go on ahead to find the scrolls and stop the ritual, telling them to be extremely cautious. As they go, Shinuba tries to stop them but White Fang kicks her backwards, telling them to fight him first. The two smile evilly and attacks as Viivuna takes Zandso somewhere to recover. Kinzaki says that the ritual is almost done and that he truly is the ultimate weapon.
26 "Dragon Skin Surface!" April 19, 2010
With Viivuna gathering many healing berries to heal Zandso's wounds, her face turns red from being around Zandso so close. He tells her to hurry up and she continues. White Fang tells the two not to underestimate him. Dodolu attacks him with Sonic Breath but White Fang avoids it, coming behind him. Before his kick can connect, White Fang slides back. He realizes that Shinuba is more powerful than he thought. Shinuba mocks White Fang, and tells him not to underestimate them. They use Inferno Bomb, but White Fang negates that with Thundershock. He then runs out and impales them both with Young Lightning. As White Fang prepares to leave, he is astonished to see that their skin is peeling and chipping away. They then explain about the Dragon Clan's Kekkei Renkei, the Dragonscale, giving them an extra dragon-layered skin to protect themselves from potential harm.
27 "Retreat! The Ritual is Complete" April 26, 2010
Both Nagatsu and Madora finds a bridge that is clouded with fog and mist. Madora says that they will have to travel over across the bridge to find out what is over there due to the thick fog. Nagatsu agrees and they go on. Meanwhile, Kinzaki goes off to the river to regain his resonance as Zanku takes a stroll in the nearby forest. White Fang asks if this ability of there's thick, and they say no but the other property of the Dragon Skin allows them to absorb all hits, reconstructing the skin, making it stronger. Realizing his predicament, White Fang says that he'll have to pull out all the stops. He then activates his Duesai, saying that he will defeat them. They attack him and he trades punches with them, until he kicks Shinuba into the air & attacks her. However, that was a Substitution and she slams him into the ground. When White Fang gets back up, Dodolu gets him in the Full-Nelson, restraining him.
28 "Azura Academy Back in Shape" May 3, 2010
With White Fang restrained, Shinuba laughs, complimenting Dodolu on his deceptive maneuver. White Fang says that they cannot win and that Kinzaki won't succed with his plan, as he doesn't have a host strong enough. Dodolu tightens the grip, saying that they do, as they found a boy with even more natural talent that Kinzaki. Stunned, White Fang asks who. Back at the academy, Chojuro states to Lord Kimunage that it has been three days since their departure and that White Fang hasn't returned yet. He then asks if they should send some of their elites. Lord Kimunage says no, telling him that White Fang will be fine. Shinuba uses Dragon's Claw, causing White Fang to feel funny. She explains that it steal and rips away the foe's resonance. As she goes for another one, White Fang pulls himself to the ground, causing Dodolu to get hit with the attack. With Dodolu in pain, White Fang throws him to Shinuba. When she looks up, White Fang kills them both with Thundershock. Afterwards, he deactivates his Duesai, looking for Viivuna and Zandso.
29 "Vengeance! A World Full of Pain!!" May 10, 2010
With another day passing, White Fang manages to find both Viivuna and Zandso. He asks if they are all right and she says that Zandso's injuries weren't too severe, but that he seems to be mentally torn up after his fight with Shigami. As they all continue on, Zandso recalls Shigami's final two attacks, defeating him, scarring him for life. Meanwhile, there is another pathway from the bridge and Nagatsu goes there, with Madora admiring the scenery on the bridge. Nagatsu eventually stumbles upon a forest where he meets a boy with green hair. The boy asks Nagatsu what does he cherish in this world. He also asks Nagatsu of his pains and sorrows. Nagatsu explains some of his backstory to the boy and the boy replies that he has lived a sad life indeed, but that the ones he cares for the most are the ones that will carry him through life. Before the boy leaves, he tells Nagatsu to cherish those bonds he has with those people.
30 "Rescue Mission: Get the Scrolls" May 17, 2010
Nagatsu thinks over what the boy had said but before he could get any deeper in thought, he heard a loud noise. He goes running all the way back to the bridge and finds Kinzaki with his henchmen and his teammates. White Fang says that it is good to know that he is all right and Viivuna seconds that. Nagatsu asks how Zandso is and Zandso says he is fine. White Fang tells Kinzaki that this time will be the last time. He whispers in their ears, telling Madora to handle Shigami, Zandso to fight the big guy & both Nagatsu and Viivuna to retrieve the scrolls. Kinzaki tells White Fang that none of their planning will help. Kinzaki smirks, and then tells them to go. Nagatsu & Viivuna grab hands & jumps over the big guy as Zandso attacks him on land. Meanwhile on the bridge, Shigami says that Madora is attractive, but that she cannot stop him. Madora says the feeling is mutual. Both White Fang and Kinzaki are grappling, trying to overpower the other.
31 "The Blind Lotus..." May 24, 2010
With the two grappling, Kinzaki admits that he didn't expect White Fang to have made it this far. White Fang asks why as he sweeps Kinzaki & kicks him to a wall. Kinzaki gets up and says that he expected him to be weaker. As Zandso narrowly dodges all of Dragastal's attacks, his Dragon Fire attacks Zandso but counters with Fire Tycoon. He then runs out, blitzing Dragastal with a heavy punch to his chest, destroying his armor. However, Zandso is shocked when he Dragastal reveals his Dragon Skin. Shigami attacks Madora and he is not only fast, but fluent in his attacks. As she barely dodges his attacks, he uses Lotus Dance, knocking her to the ground. He then prepares to cut her head off. Meanwhile, Nagatsu and Viivuna searches for the scros and they find them. However, they see a shadow and begin running from it, as it chases them.
32 "Endless Peril" May 31, 2010
With the two running away, they eventually find a wall, trapping them. Kinzaki and White Fang continues to go back and forth until Kinzaki tries to use Sonic Blades on White Fang, who gets sliced but pierces Kinzaki with Young Lightning. White Fang states that Kinzaki is powerful, asking if he has met up with any of the other slayers. Kinzaki laughs, saying he doesn't need them. White Fang then pants, saying that he thought he'd want the back up as he won't be able to withstand this next attack. Shigami attempts to cut Madora's head but she jumps into the water. He wonders where she is and uses Lotus Twister using his sword, spiraling the water, causing Madora to launch into the sky. He then uses Lotus Control, using his mind to send her to the ground. With Madora in pain, she wonders how Zandso is doing. Zandso has his arm grabbed by Dragastal as he reveals the Dragon Skin absorbs all forms of attack, sapping Zandso's resonance away. Zandso begins to scream in pain as Viivuna and Nagatsu back up to the wall, with no way out.
33 "Zanku Attacks!" June 7, 2010
With his resonance being drained, Zandso needs to think of a plan. He sees the small hole in Dragastal's gut that he made with his fist and focuses a high concentration of it into his hand. He then rams his fist through Dragastal, causing blood to leak out but his resonance still being sapped. Zandso then kills Dragastal by using Chi Release. White Fang gathers his resonance together and creates a clone. Kinzaki attacks one of the White Fang's but the other stops him and knees him. The two White Fang's then execute their Clear Strangle technique, suffocating Kinzaki as he tries to pull hand sign. Shigami tells Madora that it is time for her to die. As he attacks with Lotus Dance, she uses the surrounding water to her advantage, trapping Shigami in a Water Prison. As he is losing oxygen, she says she'll let go when he gives up. A moment later, the wall to the warehouse explodes and both Nagatsu & Viivuna come out, where Zanku is now ready. Kinzaki orders Zanku to clean up the trash as he breaks free from White Fang's technique.
34 "New Mission: Kill Zanku" June 21, 2010
Nagatsu tells Viivuna to take care of the scrolls and attacks Zanku, who quickly retaliates by knocking him back towards Zandso. Zanku then says that he will take on the two of them. Nagatsu asks if he is ready to fight him, & Zandso replies with "hell yes." They charge him but Zanku proves to be too fast for either of them. Kinzaki then tells White Fang that they have no chance at winning at this point now, saying that Zanku is even stronger than him, shocking White Fang. Madora tells Shigami to give up but he uses his resonance to break free. Madora is shocked and he kicks her to the side. He then holds her up and prepares to kill her. Before he can though, she uses a huge portion of the water by the bridge for Water Pump, seemingly killing Shigami. Madora is limping due to resonance loss and exhaustion but Shigami uses Lotus Control, bringing her to him. She asks why he joined up with these thugs and he has a flashback of his entire clan being destroyed, saying that he knows what it feels like. As he is about to kill her, he screams and drops to the ground. Madora said that she fummeled the last of her resonance and channeled it to him, using Divinie Paralysis, barely managing to defeat him.
35 "The Hidden Mist's Blindspot" June 28, 2010
With Kinzaki on the attack, he is overwhelming White Fang, who is short on stamina. He then kicks him near the water & unleashes Hidden Mist: Ice. White Fang has his legs frozen and Viivuna screams out to him before looking back at Nagatsu & Zandso. They are getting beaten down and eventually, Zanku's Dragon Absorb absorbs Zandso's Fire Tycoon into him. Zandso says that he is a freak. Nagatsu then uses Clone Ability, surprising Zanku. Zanku attacks the two and easily repels them. However, Zandso comes up behind Zanku and kicks him into the air. Zanku regains himself and blocks Nagatsu's punch and uses Lotus Kick, sending Nagatsu to Zandso, who catches him. Nagatsu asks how does he know the abilities of the Dragon Clan and White Lotus tribe. Zanku then explains to them what had happened to him, and how he became the vessel of the experiment to revive the Dragon Clan. Shocked, Nagatsu is then even more surprised when the boy lifts his hair over his eyes, revealing to be the boy he met in the forest.
36 "Showdown in the Mist!!" July 5, 2010
With the two barely able to handle Zanku, he activates 20% of his full power. Horriefied by this, Nagatsu & Zandso proceed to get beaten down. Zandso then blocks Zanku's punch, surprising Zanku. Zandso reveals he activated his level 1 Duesai, which allows him to see movements and react accordingly. Zanku is surprised and Zandso runs up to Zanku and unleashes his Warrior's Barrage, nearly breaking his neck. Nagatsu barely gets up but Zanku sees this as his perfect chance. He enters his Dragon Sense form and traps Nagatsu within an invisible wall filled with ice and ooze. He wonders what is going on and Zanku unleashes Dragon Spears. Zandso sees this and takes the hit for Nagatsu, surprising both Nagatsu & Viivuna. As Zandso faints, Nagatsu is traumatized. He begins screaming uncontrollably, with Zanku wondering what's going on. White Fang breaks out of the ice before Kinzaki could slice him in half & everyone looks as Nagatsu's appearance is slightly changing.
37 "Kyairai Unleashed: Nagatsu's True Form" July 12, 2010
Nagatsu gets bulkier and gets a reddish-violet aura around him. His eyes go carnal and as he is gathering his resonance, Madora limps by, saying that Nagatsu is unleashing his true power. Viivuna tells Madora to watch over the scrolls as she'll go help White Fang. Nagatsu then enters his initial Kyairai form and proceeds to thrash and beating the everlasting crap out of Zanku. With this happening, Kinzaki wonders how could he have done that and White Fang says that since Nagatsu has powered up, he will too. Kinzaki is shocked when White Fang activates his Duesai. As White Fang attacks Kinzaki, he blocks his kick however, he is then restricted again by Viivuna's Constrict. With that, White Fang jumps back 30 feet. He then gathers his resonance together, telling Kinzaki he'll send him off to hell.
38 "Bonds of Friendship" July 19, 2010
Zanku gets up looking at the feral Nagatsu that is charging him. He then is remined of when he first met Kinzaki again, and how he was constantly rejected and neglected for being different, but Kinzaki didn't care. Zanku then enters his Okappa form and sends Nagatsu away with a Lotus Kick. However, Nagatsu immediately comes behind him and they trade punches. Kinzaki is wondering what is going on and he witnesses White Fang gathers resonance in a distorted manner. Viivuna wonders if he is using that technique. With Nagatsu beating on Zanku, Madora takes the scrolls to Zandso's body, where she uses the last of her resonance to heal him. Shigami's paralysis wears off he takes his leave, promising to get back at them. Zanku reveals what he is capable of with the combined Kekkei Renkei of the Dragon Clan & White Lotus tribe as he uses Lotus Control & builds a second layered skin from Dragon Skin.
39 "Dragon's Passing: A New Leaf" July 26, 2010
With Nagatsu gathering more resonance, Kinzaki reveals that Zanku is just the weapon he needed to succed, and that he will succed. He says that Zanku's other ability to learn other Kekkei Renkei's will allow him to use the Creation: Revival Ritual. White Fang then asks Kinzaki if Zanku was just a pawn to him. Kinzaki freezes up from this, looking back on every time Zanku hass shown him kindness. Kinzaki begins to tear up and as White Fang is finished with his Blue Lightning, he prepares to charge at Kinzaki. Meanwhile, Nagatsu thrashes Zanku some more until he activates 80% of his power, to where he overwhelms Nagatsu. Before he can go for a finishing hit to knock Nagatsu out, Zanku declares him the winner of their fight as he goes out to save Kinzaki. Seeing this, Nagatsu snaps out of his carnal state and goes to try and stop Zanku. White Fang lands his hit but on both Zanku and somewhat Nagatsu instead. Viivuna goes to help Nagatsu, dropping the restriction. White Fang says that his only loved one is now dead but Kinzaki says he doesn't care and uses Tsunami Blade to rip through White Fang. However, a nearly dead Zanku grabs the sword, telling Kinzaki that he still cares for him, causing all of the memories to flood back to Kinzaki. Kinzaki tears up using the Soul Resurrection technique on Zanku, keeping him alive, sacrificing himself. With this happening, Zanku is saddened, and decides to remain out here in solitude. He allows them to take the scrolls and the five head back to Kosaki Village with White Fang hoding both Nagatsu & Zandso. When they get back, the entire academy congratulates them on a job well done.

Season 2 (2013-2014)Edit

No. Title Original Air Date American Air Date
40 "Rest up Nagatsu: Family Cures All!" October 12, 2009 November 22, 2011
Nagatsu wakes up at his house and Starr comes into his room, saying that White Fang brought him here and that he is speaking to their parents as they speak. Nagatsu runs down stairs and White Fang greets him, telling him that he dropped out after the whole collision with the Blue Lightning and the excessive use of resonance. He asks White Fang if he had missed anything important at the academy. He says other than two days, no. Nagatsu then goes upstairs where Suki & Kaito are playing with him. he has fun with them, saying that he finished up a tough mission. White Fang then explains about the second natured resonance he saw Nagatsu display, explaining it to them. His parents & Starr are shocked about this. Meanwhile, Tsugomikachi and Katrina heads out to Kosaki Village with their spies and fighters all ready interrogating the place.
41 "The Return: The Academy's Best" October 19, 2009 November 22, 2011
At the academy, both Viivuna and Madora greets Nagatsu and he greets Zandso who walks right past him. Nagatsu asks what happened to him, and Madora explains it was his fights with both Shigami and Zanku. White Fang appears behind them and takes them to the schoolyard where three students and Sensei Magaro returns from a year-long mission in the Land of Snow. Nagatsu wonders who they are and Viivuna explains that these three are second-year students who are so skilled, they go on exclusive missions. She says that they are so powerful, that even the third & fourth-year students recognizes their power. Madora then states that the one in the middle is named Neon, and he is classified as the #1 student in the academy, as well as the #1 student to take the exams this year. Nagatsu asks why he didn't take it last year if it is by year. White Fang says that Magaro held those three back as they were shown to be too strong for even their year. However in exchange for entering this year. Curious, Nagatsu says he wants to challenge them sometime.
42 "Starr's Mysterious Lesson" October 26, 2009 November 22, 2011
When Nagatsu gets home, explains of what happened at the academy that day, saying that three second-year students have returned for the Academy Finals Exams. Starr says that he remembers his time at the exams, showing flashbacks of him easily winning his matches easily. Kaito & Suki quesitons this and both Sogotana and Mino tells Starr to explain it to them as they go to bed. He tells them that the Academy Finals Exams takes place in the middle of the year as the final evaluation of the year to see if any student is good enough to have their rank boosted up. He then says that it takes skill strenth, cunning and intelligence to pull it off. As the two younger ones go to bed, Nagatsu asks Starr to have a small spar. Starr doesn't want to but Nagatsu charges him. Nagatsu is unable to get any hits on him & Starr defeats him with Swift Shot. Nagatsu says that he's really strong & Starr says that he too can be as strong as him as he has more natural talent than him, and if he works hard enough.
43 "Nagatsu Meets Ragnarok..." November 2, 2009 November 22, 2011
On his way to school, Nagatsu finds that Kaito has made it into the academy while he was on his mission. While doing so, he introduces him to Madora, Zandso and Viivuna who meet up with him. As they talk, they come across a mysterious guy. Nagatsu greets him but he scoffs it off. The guy says his name is Ragnarok and that he is a student at Sasani Academy, not too far from there. He looks at Zandso, thinking of him strong enough to fight. He offers a chance to fight but Viivuna says they only have 15 minutes until classes begin. Zandso says they'll be quick. They all head over to Sasani in Ichugari Village. There, all the students are with both Kamari, Ragnarok's sister & Reguka, his brother setting up the fight between Ragnarok and Zandso. However, Kaito forces himself to fight, wanting to see if he is good enough for the exams. Reguka accepts it & when the fight starts, Madora watches carefully along with the others. Ragnarok pulls the chains on his back off and opens up a coffin from his back. Red Sand leaks out of it and Kaito is unable to get any hits on Ragnarok. Ragnarok then walks away, as he doesn't even register this as a fight. All of the students mock Kaito and Kaito attacks with Super Fist. Ragnarok turns around & grabs his arm with his Red Sand & breaks his wrist. As Ragnarok prepares to kill Kaito, Nagatsu begs him to stop, saying he wins. Ragnarok says that he & his brother are pathetic, saying they aren't worthy of entering the exams. As they head to back to Azura, Nagatsu brings Kaito to the infirmary.
44 "The Academy Finals Exams!!" November 9, 2009
With Kaito in the infirmary, the academy has an assembly as Lord Kimunage goes over the rules, regulations and how the entire set up for the Academy Finals Exams works. While this is going on, he explains that this year's examinations will be held in Kosaki Village at Azura Academy's Examination Stadiums #1 & #2. As he continues to speak, Nagatsu asks Madora if she is excited for the exams. Madora sulks, saying that this is her excited face. She then says that she is glad he is entering. Nagatsu asks why and Madora tells him that she believes he'll do great. Nagatsu says that he hopes so, saying that he is no way good enough to take on that sand guy from Ichugari. Viivuna agrees, saying that he'd crush anyone of them at this point, but that's why they get two weeks to train. Lord Kimunage then gives off the closing words and everyone who wants to join gets a ticket to register they made it. However, most people back out when they see that Neon is entering, surprising Nagatsu.
45 "The Ticket is Here: Nagatsu Don't Lose It" November 16, 2009
Nagatsu greets Neon but Neon ignores him. Nagatsu says that he hopes that they'l have a great time in the tournament. Gatsa then facepalms, telling Nagatsu to keep his mouth shut. Neon tells Nagatsu that a low-class and poor excuse for a martial artist like him will never make it to the top of the tournament in favor of naturally gifted guys like himself. Nagatsu says that he is wrong, and that anybody can surpass an elite if they work hard enough. Neon smirks at this, telling Nagatsu to give up his ridiculous dream, telling him that unless he was born with potential to be great, he'll never be great. He tels Nagatsu that he only has one goal, to be the best martial artist, and that he'll take anyone down if necessary. He then walks away, with both Kaiyou & Nagami walking away as well. Nagatsu is left speechless and Agino asks if he's thinking about quitting. Nagatsu says no & Serenity eyes him as Asuka & Gatsa insult him, saying he won't make it pass the preliminaries. Nagatsu states otherwise, saying that he'll guarantee he'll win. Asuka & Gatsa simply laugh and walk away as Madora & Viivuna comfort him.
46 "Let the Games Begin!" November 23, 2009
With classes starting again, Nagatsu is learning about Denizen and how to coutner one. While he's doing so, he notices from the window to the hallway that the other guy with Neon is watching Zandso. After class, comes lunch and Nagatsu along with Viivuna, Madora, Serenity & Zandso all checks up on Kaito who is doing better than ever as he is doing push-ups with a broken wrist. Afterschool, Nagatsu meets up with Zandso & Viivuna but are confronted by Kaiyou, who says that he wants to learn more about his tribe. Zandso gets suspicious but accepts. Zandso is quickly overwhelmed by Kaiyou, with Viivuna shocked at how powerful one of the three second-year students really are. Zandso eventually reveals his Duesai. However, even with this, Kaiyou manages to beat Zandso just as easily. Before Kaiyou can finish Zandso off, Magaro comes, telling him that he knows that forbidden technique is prohibited not only from school grounds, but from comrades as well. Kaiyou apologizes and tells them that Neon is most likely the strongest to take the exams. As Kaiyou leaves, Nagatsu looks over all of his rivals he's made so far.
47 "So The Training Begins!" November 30, 2009
48 "Nagatsu's Master..." December 7, 2009
49 "Serenity's Special Request" December 14, 2009 March 4, 2012
50 "Mission Raid: Hunt for the Kaijum Orb" December 21, 2009 March 10, 2012
51 "Searching In, Searching Out" January 4, 2010 March 13,2012
52 "Preliminary Peril" January 11, 2010
53 "N/A" January 18, 2010
54 "N/A" January 25, 2010
55 "N/A" February 1, 2010
56 "Burst" February 8, 2010
The Rare Hunter tells Laxus that his name is Merenge and the Rare Hunters are a secret organization abducting female Spirit Holders to allow access to reproduce more organic Spirit Beasts. Shocked, Laxus fights Merenge some more and tries Thunder Arrow once again but Merenge deflects it and Laxus falls into the well. Laxus jumps out and is enraged. Yugi and Saharu arrives on the scene but only Yugi notices part of Laxus' eye is starting to reshape into something else. Laxus charges at Merenge and savagely thrashes him. He then throws him into the sky and goes for a Lightningrod, killing him. After he calms down, Laxus asks Yugi if he got any info on the Rare Hunters but is cut off when two more Rare Hunters show up. Angered, Yugi prepares to fight, with the help of Laxus. They then make a deal that if they win, the Rare Hunters have to tell them where Kairi is and about their plan. But the Rare Hunters say if they win, they take their souls. Saharu tells them to think wisely and they both decide to fight. Saharu wishes them good luck and the two charges the dark forces.
57 "A Black Day for Abrondis" February 15, 2010 
Yugi and Laxus kick Oori and Gori in the face but they retaliate by throwing them both in opposite directions. The duo explain that as a team, they are in sync and can work as one being, making them more powerful than the two. Yugi fights Oori on top of the inn, struggling to dodge his Toxin Release themed attacks. Yugi dodges one but Oori slams him through the roof into a room. When he gets up, Oori throws him out. Meanwhile, Laxus is fighting evenly with Gori and causes blood to surface from his mouth. Gori however tricks Laxus and starts pounding him. Both Yugi and Laxus wonder how they are going to get out of this situation.
58 "Destiny Twins Attack: The Storm Thunder Cloud" February 22, 2010
With the two being overwhelmed because of their lack of teamwork, Yugi regroups with Laxus and formulates a plan to defeat Oori and Gori. As Yugi holds the two off hoplessly, Laxus charges for his Lightningrod. After Yugi is tossed off, the two charge at Laxus, laughing. Laxus unleashes his Lightningrod but they dodge it until Yugi comes back up and knees both to the ground. He then uses his Cyclone Whirlwind with Lightningrod, creating StormThunder Cloud, defeating the two Rare Hunters. Yugi demands that they tell them about the plan. They do and explain that they want more power to activate later on. Laxus then asks if they are working with the Dragon Riders, but they say that their goal is to rid the world of the Dragon Riders Organization. Yugi asks them where Kairi is and they say she is in a cell near Abrondis - Sea Level. Saharu tells them to come on so they can go. As they leave, both Oori and Gori laugh, knowing that they will never save her.
59 "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" March 1, 2010
When the trio gets to the middle of Abrondis, Saharu brings up that they have no clue where they are going. Laxus then suggests to split up and meet back in the circle in one hour. As they do, Kai of the Dragon Riders figures out that something is wrong and that there is an opposing organization stopping Yugi. He and a few of his elites goes back to Abrondis - Sea Level. Meanwhile, the Rare Hunters start extracting the Spirit Beasts from each female and reproducing the spirits to get even stronger beasts. Kairi wakes up and begs them to stop. They laugh at her and she prays for Yugi and co. to come. When all hope seems lost, Laxus and Saharu talk while waiting for Yugi to return. Yugi met a strange guy named Hisogato. He tells Yugi that Abrondis - Sea Level is two miles southeast. Yugi thanks him and Hisogato wishes him luck. Yugi returns and the other two get their hopes up as Yugi explains that there is a light guiding them, and leading them to Abrondis - Sea Level. They start their journey once again, where they proudly say that they will rescue Kairi.
60 "Arena Trap: Yugi Ascends!" March 8, 2010
Yugi and the others arrive at Abrondis - Sea Level and notice how mysterious and creepy it is. Yugi notices that there is a gate to allow them to enter. When they reach it, guards named Bui and Yamu both tell them to get lost. Saharu and Laxus prepare to fight them but Yugi stops them. Yugi decides to fight the two and while doing so, he is able to hold his own for a while. Bui however smashes him and Yamu kicks him. They then beat down on both Laxus and Saharu. Yugi witnesses this and is able to break past the initial stage, his Pre-Dragoon state. He breaks Bui's arm and Yamu's leg and force pushes them back with Windbreaker. The two beg for him to stop and eventually, Yugi calms down. Yugi powers up again to break the gate seal and before they step in, he faints. Laxus carries him and the three begin walking, wondering how long it will take to reach Kairi. Meanwhile, the Rare Hunters plan their attack on the trio, to get rid of them once and for all.
61 "Cave of Wonders" March 15, 2010
As they travel, they notice that a thick fog is surrounding them. Saharu wonders if it is natural fog. Laxus is unsure but they arrive at the Cave of Wonders. When they enter it, they find several Rare Hunters gathered. The Rare Hunters spot them and chase them to the end of the Cave, where they have reached the ancient prophecy room. Yugi wakes up and finds that these inscriptions match the same ones on his Sacred Marking. The Rare Hunters enters and they send Rare Hunter Hugo to finish them. Saharu however steps up and blocks him using a wall of fire (Blazing Gates). He then kicks Hugo and throws him back to the Rare Hunters. Bui and Yamu then come crashing in and helps the trio escape, as they are grateful for them for sparing them. When they exit, Laxus asks where the path is and they say go straight down. Yugi asks if they'll be alright and Yamu tells him not to worry. As they leave, Yugi wishes both Bui and Yamu luck.
62 "Lightningrod" March 22, 2010
Yugi notices that the path is getting more narrow. Laxus states that they have arrived. However, things are cut short when the Rare Hunters comes. Rare Hunter Koga faces off against Laxus and he is getting thrashed as Koga is the third strongest Rare Hunter. Before Koga can finish Laxus off, he creates a thunder storm, which also is cut short when Kai and his elites arrive. Yugi asks how they found them and Heron explains that they can lock based on their natural abilities. Laxus gets up and prepares to fight the leader, Kai but Kai brushes him off like an insect. Koga gets Nuyoga to fight Kai but the fight ends in seconds when Kai kills him with a swift kick to the left rib cage. It starts pouring and Kai tells everyone that the Dragon Riders will succeed. Just then, more Rare Hunters came in and soon a clash begins.
63 "Freak Wave: Torrent Terror!" March 29, 2010
With an all-out brawl happening, Kai takes it upon himself to battle Rare Hunters Camel, Koga & Suichi. Everyone is shocked at the tremendous amount of power Kai possesses. Kai creates a huge wave which destroys most of the pathway and the Rare Hunters. Yugi tells the others to hurry and they manage to escape but not before Kai catches up to them. He explains to them that he will kill them there an now. Laxus and Saharu prepares to fight but Yugi stops them when Rare Hunter Osai comes in, demanding the lives of the four.
64 "The Nightmare: The True Revealing Moves!" April 12, 2010
Osai attacks Yugi but he dodges. Kai studies Yugi and his moves, as well as Osai's and then escapes the enclosed place, vowing to get even with the Rare Hunters and Yugi. Yugi is trapped in Osai's Binding Vine Crush. As he is, he tells both Saharu and Laxus to go ahead to find Kairi. As they leave, Osai prepares to stop them but Yugi breaks out, vowing to stop him. Osai laughs but compliments Yugi for his strength and stamina. He then charges Yugi and they continue their fight. Laxus asks Saharu if he can shed some light. He does so and they come across a narrow hall. They then find all the remaining girls that have not had their Spirit Beast extracted. However, they do not see Kairi. Tawani tells them both that she was taken and is next to be extracted. The two ask where they took her and so the two split up to where Laxus found Kairi and Saharu takes on the two Rare Hunters! Meanwhile, Yugi uses his Typhoon Boom, sending Osai back to the wall. Osai then leaves and Yugi prepares to get his friends but gets knocked out by Osai who had tricked him. Osai then leaves.
65 "Wings of Flame" April 19, 2010
Rare Hunters Inuzuki & Kamori both charge at Saharu with their Earth style attacks. Saharu is outmatched, and outclassed. Laxus tries to help him but Kairi asks him where Yugi is. He gets worried and the two both leave, telling Saharu to meet up with them. As the two dominate the battle, Saharu is forced into running. Meanwhile, Voltaire congratulates Kai and his elites for making the Dragon Riders be a force to be reckon with. He then tells Kai and his team to head to Serisu Village and take control over the huge place. They do so and Dratini asks Kai if he likes his grandfather taking control of him. Kai doesn't answer and Kagone tells her to leave him alone. Saharu manages to set the girls free and they lend him power. He then uses Volcano Emission, severely injuring them and  wasting the rest of his energy. Before the two can escape however, the girls stop them and then thank Saharu and heads out. Laxus and Kairi comes back with Yugi on his back, and Saharu gets up. The four make their way out and wind up outside of Serisu. The Rare Hunters are travelling underground, vowing to get their revenge.
66 "The Two Dragon Slayers" April 26, 2010
When the foursome get into Serisu, they find a running amok with several monuments and places destroyed. Yugi enters a market and asks the owner what had happened. He explains that a group of highly-powered fighters had came and taken over. Yugi then believes them to be the Dragon Riders. The guy believes him and Yugi asks what his name is. He says his name is Masai. Masai then tells Yugi and co. that two guys are watching them. Laxus notices and Kairi suggests they head to an inn. Masai offers to let them stay at his inn. During the night, Yugi and Kairi are both playing Go Fish but Laxus is training and Saharu is trying to study a map. In the inn, two guys sneak inside. When they find Laxus, he prepares to fight them as they are interrupting his training. The others soon come but Masai comes in and deals a blow to one of them. The other charges at him but he manages to dodge all of his slashes and then retaliates with a Spirit-Hand. When the other Dragon Slayer falls, the others are astounded. Yugi asks why he didn't tell anyone he could fight. Masai said he tried to keep a low profile. He tells them that they have to leave as the Dragon Riders will be heading their way now.
67 "The Almighty Part I" May 3, 2010
Saharu doesn't believe Masai as he says they have no way of knowing. Masai explains how and Yugi and the others prepare to leave until Saharu cut it short and demands to fight Masai. They begin fighting but Saharu gets frustrated as Masai is teasing him. Eventually, Saharu burns him with his Inferno Fist and Masai reacts with his Spirit-Hand. Eventually, they call it a draw when Drazen comes along. He uses his fire to destroy the inn. Saharu apologizes to Masai and he forgives him. Drazen says that he has come to stop them. He burns both Kairi and Masai and Yugi goes to comfort them. He then gets angered and demands to fight Drazen. Drazen provokes him and the two take their fight into the city, where they begin to trade punches. Meanwhile, Kai explains that the fight against the hope of light has started. Dratini gets worried but both Antioch and Kagone mock her, causing Kai to yell at them. Dratini blushes and Kai walks away. Laxus takes both Kairi and Masai to an infirmary to get healed and tells Saharu to go aid Yugi. He does so but when he heads to town, there is no trace of them.
68 "The Almighty Part II" May 10, 2010
Saharu cannot find the two while Laxus tries his best to get Kairi and Masai to a medic. Meanwhile, Yugi and Drazen are both trading blow for blow, hoping that the other will let up. Drazen reveals his Spirit Beast, Drakodo and uses Phoenix Bullet, knocking Yugi back to a village hut. With Yugi all bloody, he stands no chance against Drazen. Saharu finds Drazen and punches him only for Drazen to use his Lava Eruption, against Saharu's Volcano Emission. This ends with Saharu crashing to the ground and Drazen sliding back to a wall. Yugi gets back up and finds Saharu injured. He asks if he is okay but Saharu tells him to look out. Yugi is kicked to a boulder. Drazen prepares to finish Yugi until high winds blows Drazen back. He begins to get nervous when he realizes that Yugi's power is wind. Yugi then enters the Meditation State and prepares to launch an attack on Drazen.
69 "Dragoon Attacks: Phantom Hurricane" May 17, 2010
As Yugi prepares his attack, Drazen asks how can he have that much power. Saharu explains that Yugi is a special case. Drazen asks what that means. Saharu then explains that he is about to find out. As the two are healing, they can hear the wind breaking through the building. Laxus looks outside and sees a tornado being formed. He then leaves the doctor with the two and makes it to the battlefield. Yugi's Sacred Mark glows bright blue and his pupils vanishes as he uses Phantom Hurricane, trapping Drazen and injuring him. He then finishes him off with a Typhoon Boom. When the fight ends, Yugi falls. Before he faints, Calypso comes and heals him. The other two prepares to fight her but Yugi is happy to see Calypso. She takes them back to what is left of the inn but first goes to the infirmary and heals both Kairi and Masai, who are both grateful for that. At the inn, Calypso explains that she has been watching closely at Yugi and how he has progressed. Laxus asks who she is and Calypso says that will be revealed in time. Masai asks her if she knows the outcome of this battle against the Dragon Riders and she says she does but cannot say. She then tells Yugi that together with people he is surrounded by, he can succeed. Back at the HQ, Kai gets angered when he finds out that Drazen has died. The others are shocked and Kai tells the others to get ready as they are heading there themselves.
70 "A Spirit Type, A Spirit Nature" May 24, 2010
Calypso explains that Yugi has gathered quite the friends but explains that his forces are too weak currently to take on the Dragon Riders. She explains that they are heading to Serisu as they speak. Kairi asks if there is anyway to stop them from arriving but Calypso says no. Yugi then decides to get some training done before they arrive. He starts by challenging Masai, who is still mysterious. Calypso tells them he has a Spirit Nature, confusing everyone. She tells Masai to demonstrate his ability on Yugi. The two fight and Yugi appears to have the upperhand, being faster and stronger. Masai sweeps Yugi and grabs his hairtie and then throws him into the pond. Yugi gets up and swiftly kicks him in the face. Calypso gives Masai the greenlight to use force and so he encoats his hand with blue mystical energy and gently taps Yugi, causing him to immediately fall. Yugi barely gets up but Masai gets him in his 128 Points of Divinity, closing up all of Yugi's Spirit Points, stopping him from releasing any energy. Yugi finally admits defeat and asks Masai to aid them in their mission to stop the Dragon Riders. He is hesitant, which makes Yugi sad but Saharu, Laxus and Kairi try to give him a reason to join. He still is unsure but Calypso finally convinces him when telling him it will be a great experience, and far better than being a salesman. He agrees and they all cheer him on.
71 "Celestial Spirit King" May 31, 2010
Calypso explains that she must leave and entrusts the group's success to Yugi and Laxus. She goes off and Laxus decides that they all should get some serious training done. Wanting to learn more about Masai's secret and ancient abilities, Yugi decides to train with him up on Willow Mountain. Meanwhile the other three start training at an outdoors training center. Kairi begins to learn to control her powers more while Laxus and Saharu manages to upgrade on their abilities and techniques. Yugi is being taught by Masai to balance both his mind and soul, to be able to fight back and access his abilties without the use of his Spirit Points and Sacred Mark. Eventually, after a few days, Yugi accomplishes this and Yugi trains Masai in stamina, agility and strength. After another day, the Dragon Riders arrive and begin to cause havok and chaos in mere seconds. Kai vows to get Yugi and his team.
72 "Dragon Drive: The Art of Struggles!" June 7, 2010
Yugi and Masai are midway through a battle with Masai fighting Yugi, while he has all of his Spirit Points and Sacred Mark blocked. He struggles to recollect his energy and win and is getting battered around. Eventually, Yugi remembers what Calypso had said and how he and his friends must succeed. Yugi's strength increases drastically and Yugi uses his Typhoon Boom, finally sending Masai into the water. As they heal up, they discover the great troubles and explosion happening in the city. The Dragon Riders searches everywhere for Yugi. Eventually, they run into Laxus, Saharu and Kairi. Kairi states that they are really powerful. Dratini mocks them and wonders why Yugi is hiding like a coward. Kairi gets angry at her for that but Laxus calms her down. Antioch asks where Yugi is and Saharu explains that they don't know. Kagone disagrees with that and uses his metallic powers to bend a bar and hurls it at them. Saharu however melts it and Kairi uses her metal to counter that. Intrigued, Kai decides to let them fight it out. Kai goes back and heads to Soulilette Pathway. As he leaves, Laxus and the others charge but Antioch kicks them all. Antioch decides to fight Laxus while he tells Kagone to handle Saharu, and Dratini to fight Kairi. They all do so and take their battles to different parts of the village, destroying it. The villagers try to run away and hide but cannot. Yugi wonders if the others can defeat the Dragon Riders, Masai tells him not to worry and they continue their training.
73 "The Almighty Part III" June 21, 2010
With Yugi and Masai's training still going on, and the fight for the hope of the future underway, Calypso watches from afar, believing this to be interesting. Laxus and Antioch fight with Antioch revealing to be an Earth type user. This doesn't go well for Laxus who is forced into a defensive style because of his disadvantage. Kagone's disadvantage is nothing as he is able to bombard Saharu with metallic bullet attacks. Saharu tries to keep up but begins to succumb to the hits and has four bullets go into his arms and legs each. Kagone then knees him into a boulder. Dratini mocks Kairi, telling her that Yugi won't come because he sucks. Kairi gets mad and fights evenly with Dratini until she reveals her Darkness type element. She begins to use Dark Matter, internally injuring Kairi. As all hope seems lost, Yugi and Masai finish their training. The two then heads out to go aid their friends. Yugi goes after Kairi as Masai goes after Saharu. Laxus dodges Antioch's last rock throw and attacks him with a Thunder Arrow, having no effect. Causing him to lost some faith in himself.
74 "Voice of Darkness" June 28, 2010
Antioch laughs at Laxus and tells him to chill. He then strikes Laxus and then pounds him into the ground. Laxus blocks his Hyper Punch and kicks Antioch in the stomach and then takes hiding behind a market. As he hides, he tries to think of a plan. Saharu is losing his fight and is unable to keep up with Kagone's powerful mastery over the Steel element. Kagone tells him to give up and uses his Metallic Overload, hurling Saharu back. Saharu barely gets up but smiles. Kagone wonders why and asks what he is doing. Saharu covers his hands in flames and enters Inferno Phoenix state. He then uses his newest attack, Flame Saber but only manages to severely injure Kagone's arm and partly his leg. Saharu then faints and Masai saves him before Kagone can finish him. Meanwhile, Kairi is taking some heavy abuse but manages to make contact with Dratini using Iron Barrage. Dratini gets angry and uses Dark Summoning, finishing Kairi. Dratini grabs Kairi by the hair and twirls her around until Yugi arrives. Dratini throws Kairi and Yugi gets her. Yugi then swears that he will defeat Dratini and she mocks him, stating that he is too weak.
75 "Heaven's Game" July 5, 2010
Kai notices that two others have arrived and figures that Yugi finally came. He heads back to Dragon's Den to where his grandfather, Voltaire is pleased with him and his team. Voltaire then explains to him that the hope of his dreams and goals all rides on Kai. He then tells Kai to leave and he goes, angry at his grandfather. Meanwhile, Yugi prepares to take on Dratini but asks her why she is doing this. She refuses to answer and tells Yugi to attack already. Masai helps an exauhsted Saharu and prepares to defeat Kagone. He then charges Kagone and easily dodges his best attacks. Kagone then gets frustrated but is kicked in the face and is sent flying to a stone wall. He gets up, wondering how Masai could be so strong. But he gets nervous when Masai has vanished. Masai reappears behind him and pokes him on his arm, where his Sacred Mark is, stopping him from unleashing any attacks. Kagone then screams in pain. Laxus struggles to land a hit on Antioch as he has proven to be too fast and strong for even him. Eventually, he is pinned to a boulder and Antioch slaps him. Antioch prepares to finish Laxus off, as Laxus has hardly any chi left to spare.
76 "Armor of the Heart" July 12, 2010
Laxus barely dodges Antioch's Crumbling Rock Finisher and has his left arm smashed. With his arm bloody and numb, he has almost no way of winning. He then manages to pump up enough electricity into his Lightningrod and uses the storm clouds rain to weaken the earth attacks. Laxus powers up into his Glaring Zapdos state. He then uses ThunderPunch, defeating Antioch. Laxus then kneels down, almost out of energy, panting. Yugi fights Dratini bravely and is shown to be even with her. Kairi wonders if Yugi can win, but then also wonders how much stronger he has gotten. Yugi dodges Dratini's Dragon Pyro and punches her in the stomach. He then uses his Meteor Combination and uses Cyclone Whirlwind. Dratini fights through the whirlwind, shocking the two. Dratini starts getting serious and punches Yugi in the face twice and then dropkicks him into the ground. Yugi easily gets up and grabs her hand before she can impale him with her Draco Twin Tusks. Masai continues to hammer Kagone with his 128 Points of Divinity, completely shutting him down. Kagone then gives in to the pain and dies out. Masai then goes to meet up with Laxus, with Saharu on his back.
77 "Destiny" July 19, 2010
Voltaire sends both Zix and Utake to defeat Yugi and his friends. Yugi blocks Dratini's final attack and then defeats her with his Whirlwind-Sonicboom. Dratini and Antioch are heading back to Kai. They find Zix and Utake who mock them for their defeats and they go. When everyone is gathered back together, Yugi compliments them on how much stronger they have gotten, especially Laxus. Laxus explains he defeated an Earth user. This causes Masai to question how strong the Dragon Riders really are. When they find the heroes, Laxus tries to take Zix on but gets thrashed due to his many injuries from his previous fight. Zix then uses his Air Bullets, piercing Laxus and powering down his Sacred Mark. Utake prepares to battle Yugi but Saharu stops him. Yugi tries to stop him because he is still not healed enough yet. Kairi tries to help him up and so Saharu prepares to take on Utake.
78 "Fight Fire With Fire: Saharu Strikes Back" July 26, 2010
With everyone watching, Saharu is getting beaten badly because he isn't fully healed. Voltaire is watching the battle and believes that Yugi and his friends have overestimated their skills. He then laughs and prepares to gloat his victory. As Utake uses his Toxic Sludge Ball, Saharu is poisoned and is now too weak to even stand. Yugi wants to help him but Zix is prepared to step in and stop him. Utake thrashes Saharu left and right. Eventually, he is kicked to a boulder. As Utake gets closer, Saharu believes he is going to die until, Yugi screams out for him to get serious and finish Utake off. Saharu forces himself up and uses once again a weaker but still effective Flame Saber, killing Utake. Zix gets scared and runs off buta now healthy Laxus & Masai chases after him. Yugi and Kairi nurse Saharu back to normal and Yugi tells her to watch him as he goes after the two. Kai emerges from the Mystic Water and realizes that his time for battle draws near.
79 "The Power of a Bond: Masai's Spirit Wave!" August 2, 2010
With the two chasing Zix, they eventually find him near Soulilette Pathway. The fog is intense and Zix reveals that he actually controls fog, not air. Sensing an even greater power up ahead, Laxus goes on while Masai fights Zix. The two mimic the other's moves for awhile. Afterwards, Zix kicks Masai and then punches him in the face. Masai gets up and the Star on his face glows bright tan. Masai then uses his Spirit Wave, killing Zix. Yugi catches up and asks if Masai can go back to watch over the other two. He does so and Yugi goes on. Laxus finds a waterfall and then meets Kai again. Laxus' anger ascends and he prepares to fight him. Yugi is on his trail but is stopped by Calypso. She explains that the time for Yugi to realize his destiny and defeat Kai has come. She vanishes, telling Yugi to stand up for what he believes in. As Yugi looks up, a storm cloud comes and he rushes to find Laxus.
80 "Laxus vs. Kai!" August 9, 2010
Laxus insults Kai, telling him that he is horrible and disgraceful for leading people on to destruction and mayhem. Kai ignores his rubbish talk and the two begin fighting. Kai takes an early lead, being able to overpower Laxus. Laxus realizes that although he is faster, Kai's reaction speed is slightly faster. Laxus struggles with Kai and Kai mocks him, saying he is too weak if he cannot be a water user. Laxus uses his Thunder Arrow which hits Kai but Kai had gotten hit on purpose. Laxus then assaults him with a combination attack. Afterwards, he palms Kai into the water. Kai regenerates quickly and prepares to fight seriously. Meanwhile, Yugi is close to finding Laxus.
81 "Rage of the Thunder Gods: Rogue Wave" August 16, 2010
With Yugi searching for Laxus, he comes across a battle like no other. Laxus charges at Kai, using ThunderPunch to the water. Kai quickly jumps out and kicks Laxus in the face. He then uses his scarf to launch Laxus. Laxus catches himself on the boulder and attacks, & uses his Spark-Thunder on Kai. This fails as Kai grabs his hand and uppercuts Laxus into the water. Laxus enter his Glaring Zapdos form and manages to gain the upperhand over Kai. Kai struggles to hit Laxus as his speed is 3x faster than his own. Yugi cheers Laxus on but the victory is shortlived when Kai laughs and enters his Torrent Seal Stage 1. He then completely outclasses Laxus and dominates him. Yugi is going to help him but Calypso stops him, who startles Yugi because she was revealed to have vanished to watch the fight. Kai beats down on Laxus, not giving him time to react. Could this be the end for Laxus?
82 "Laxus' Final Gamble: Blue Lightning!" August 23, 2010
With Kai taking over the fight, Laxus has no room for a counter. Eventually, Kai unleashes his Super Whirlpool on Laxus, covering the whole pathway. Laxus barely gets up but gets kneed in the stomach and kicked. Laxus gets up and decides that it is his last chance. He charges using the very own lightning bolts. Kai gets slightly nervous as he had never seen an attack like that. Laxus uses his Blue Lightning, preparing to not only impale, but kill Kai. Kai quickly summons and uses his Water Wall, Iron Defense. Both of these clashes and fog covers the area. It is raining heavily and Yugi is saddened to find that his friend, Laxus has been defeated. Kai releases his Water Wall and is shocked that Laxus had that much power. Kai then grabs Laxus and thrashes him. Yugi becomes enraged and demands that Kai put him down. Kai refuses and hits Laxus away with his Aqua Pump. Yugi then jumps down the cliff and rescues Laxus from falling to his death. He gives Laxus to Calypso and promises to defeat Kai. Kai doubts that and tells Yugi that this is the fight he has been waiting for. Yugi jumps down again and Kai jumps up to another cliff with the fate of the world resting on this fight.
83 "Eternal Rivals" August 30, 2010
Calypso heals Laxus as much as she can. He wonders if Yugi can win and she tells him to watch and see. As the storm gets worse, Masai realizes that Yugi is about to fight Kai. Kai gives Yugi the chance to backdown but he refuses. They begin and Kai has a clear advantage. Kai double-spin kicks Yugi into the water. Afterwards, he uses Super Whirlpool, finishing Yugi off. Kai laughs at how Yugi was a joke. Yugi then jumps up and kicks Kai in the face. Like Yugi, Kai begins to bleed. They then take their fight on top of the mystical Tower of Sanctuary. Kai attacks Yugi with fists and manages to sweep him off. However, Yugi comes from the other side and knees Kai. He then uses his Cyclone Whirlwind, sending Kai down to the bottom of the water.
84 "Tower of Sanctuary" September 6, 2010
Laxus cheers Yugi on, believing him to have the clear advantage. Calypso however states otherwise. She explains that Kai's element is water and that they are fighting in his domain, the Mystic Springs, home of the Tower of Sanctuary, where Kai was born. Kai emerges from the water as a giant wave and consumes Yugi into the water. He plans to drown Yugi but this backfires when Yugi's Sacred Mark glows and he uses the power of wind to get him out. Kai congratulates him and enters his Torrent Seal Stage 1, stating that from then on out, the fight will only get tougher. Yugi charges at him but learns that he is too slow to keep up. Laxus gets worried as he knows of Kai's power. Yugi struggles to hit Kai but Kai grabs his arm and twsts it. Kai then double kicks him into the air and slams Yugi down with his Aqua Jet. Yugi barely gets up but is then beaten down once again and thrown into the water. Kai then prepares to take his leave until Yugi resurfaces and enters his Meditation state. Yugi then dominates the fight, executing Whirlwind-Sonicboom attacks in every direction. Kai is shocked that Yugi could keep up with him so much. Yugi then kicks him high into the sky and knocks him down with a Typhoon Boom pointed towards the water. When Kai gets up, he powers up into his Torrent Seal Stage 2 state, ensuring Yugi's defeat.
85 "Living on the Edge: Kai's Super Move!" September 13, 2010
Kai goes on the attack and starts thrashing Yugi. Yugi tries to react to him but Kai is too fast and strong for him. Kai had taken his scarf off, revealed to have been weighted. He then takes his gloves off, also having weights. Kai batters Yugi around until Yugi ends up near the cliff. Kai then mocks Yugi and tells him that the end is now. He powers up, creating a huge cyclone wave by using the energy of the lightning to reflect off of the water. Masai and Kairi looks outside through the window and realize that this fight is far crazier than they had thought. Saharu awakens and asks to be brought to the battle. The two don't know but Saharu demands them to. They simply look up. Kai finally creates a humongous wave and unleashes his most powerful attack, Hydro-Tsunami. Yugi is unable to escape the attack and when all the waves and water has calmed down, Yugi is nowhere to be seen. Laxus gets worried and starts screaming out for Yugi's name. Kai however tells him to shut up as Yugi could not have escape the attack. Calypso then states in her mind that Yugi did escape the strongest part of the blast but is in critical condition. Kai jumps back on the cliff, and smils evilly at his victory.
86 "Darkness" September 20, 2010
Laxus begins to bang the ground, believing himself at fault, not being able to stop Kai before. Kai then stops smiling when he sees Yugi, limping towards him. He asks how Yugi survived the attack and Yugi simply destroys the cliff using Cyclone Whirlwind. Kai gets angered and charges Yugi but he manages to dodge it and kicks him. Kai retaliates by beating Yugi ferociously. Laxus wants to help him but Calypso tells him not to. Eventually, Yugi is nearly dead and Kai is boasting over his victory. Yugi wants to drop but then remembers of the hard times that his friends went through. Kai prepares to kill Yugi with his Aqua Spear but this is countered by Yugi's Razorwind technique. Yugi gets up and walks towards Kai. Kai tries to punch him but he grabs the fist and glares at him. Yugi reaches his breakpoint and his Sacred Mark glows gold. Yugi enters his Super Dragoon State and glares at Kai.
87 "Dawn of Hope: The Spirit Chi Warriors!" September 27, 2010
Kai is shocked by this new transformation and gets sucker punched in the face. Yugi then punches Kai in the stomach. Kai manages to draw enough energy and chi from within to fight evenly with Yugi. As the two titans clash, it comes down to Yugi's Phantom Hurricane against Kai's Hydro-Tsunami. After the clash, the whole area is left in ruins and debris. Masai and the others look outside and decide to go find Yugi, believing him to be the victor. Eventually, Laxus and Calypso find Yugi and Kai on the ground completely drained of chi. However, Yugi barely manages to get up and limps to Kai, telling Kai the reason he will never give up. Kai is shocked to hear this, believing that nobody could defeat him. The others then comes and they meet up with both Laxus and Calypso. They all then go to meet Yugi and they heal Yugi right up. Yugi then asks Calypso to heal Kai, to which the others question why. Calypso does so and explains that she had studied those five for awhile and they are the strongest she has seen in a long time. She then forms them into a team known as the Spirit Chi Warriors, telling them that with each other by their side, they cannot lose. Kai denies the offer until Calypso brings up his grandfather and how he wants to be free from his control. Kai finally agrees but only because that and because she had gave him title of team captain, much to both Laxus and Saharu' anger. As the team is formed, Calypso asks them to head to Gatokage Town. Yugi asks why but she vanishes before he finishes. Yugi announces that they should go because they are now the newly formed team, Spirit Chi Warriors!
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